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ARetardedPickle - Application To Join The 77y
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Complete Application
ARetardedPickle 11th Feb 2018

Joined: 11th Feb 2018
Rank: Member
Posts: 0
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I just filled out application 'Application To Join The 77y'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

What is your in-game Nickname? = ARetardedPickle
Do you have steam? = Checked
What is your steamID URL? = ... /id/ARetardedPickle/
How old are you? = 17
What country do you live in currently? = United States
What is your timezone? = Eastern Standard TIme
Can you attend our weekly training on Tuesday's? = No
What other days can you attend events? = Saturday, Sunday
Do you understand the following? = Yes
Do you have the game Mount & Blade Warband? = Yes
Do you have the DLC Napoleonic Wars? = Yes
Have you been a member of a Regiment before? =
Please state which regiments you have been in =
Are you still a member of one of the regiments listed above? =
Why do you want to join the regiment? = Someone recommended I join this regiment, and I thought, hey why not?
Where/From who did you hear about the 77y? = YanioZ on Steam
Which Detachment would you be interested in playing as? = Line
Do you have teamspeak 3? = No
Do you have a microphone? = Yes
Do you Believe in Unicorns? = No
Syncmaster667 11th Feb 2018

Joined: 26th Nov 2017
Rank: Captain
Posts: 108
Likes 16

Before we continue with your application, you'll need to download Teamspeak 3, as this is a requirement to join. Please download it from here ... /en/downloads
Once downloaded and installed, please follow the instructions found in my other post below.

Syncmaster667 11th Feb 2018

Joined: 26th Nov 2017
Rank: Captain
Posts: 108
Likes 16

You've been accepted to join the 77y. However this doesn't mean your
a member yet, you will first need to complete our induction process.
I'll help and guide you through the steps of completing the induction process and joining the regiment.
If you have any problems or questions feel free to ask me or another 77y member.

Please follow the steps below!

Step 1: Join our TeamSpeak:
Please enter the same nickname as your Website name.

Step 2: Go to the Induction Channel when you have connected.

Step 3: Once you have entered this channel, please poke on teamspeak or message on
Steam one of the following people below in order to continue the induction.

Available Regimental Secretaries who can help you:
Highlord: ... /id/77yTheHighLord/
Syncmaster: ... /id/Syncmaster667/
Joshyboyy: ... es/76561198287646586

Step 4: Listen to the Regimental Secretary/Induction Person. They will finish your induction
with some final steps you MUST follow.

You are NOT allowed to wear the 77y-tags before being processed by one of our Regimental Secretaries!

You didn't tick Tuesday as a day you can attend. Due to not being able to attend Tuesday training you
won't get the chance to get promoted from cdt but you may still attend and be part of the regiment.

Best regards,
The Regimental Secretary Team

Syncmaster667 17th Feb 2018

Joined: 26th Nov 2017
Rank: Captain
Posts: 108
Likes 16

Application Complete

Welcome to the 77y!

Please view the following link to access and view our Cadet Guide at any time.
The guide explains some things you will need to know about the Regiment & how
it works. For example: where to go for events
Click Me To View Cadet Guide

If you have any further questions, please contact an RS, NCO or CO
via Steam or Teamspeak

Best regards,
The Regimental Secretary Team

Forum » Office » Applications
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Welcome to the new regiment website!
Hello and welcome guys

From now on this will be our new home, feel free to start using the forums and discussing all sorts of topics.

Cant post on the website?
Make sure you have the "Member" rank on your profile, if not message an RS and give them your name on the website (should be the same as your TS one, excluding the ranks) and they sh all sort it out for you.

Joining the regiment?
Just simply make an account, then fill out our simple application form by clicking "Join The Regiment" in the menu below our banner.

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