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Mr_Fork - Application To Join The 77y
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Complete Application
Mr_Fork 10th Feb 2018

Joined: 10th Feb 2018
Rank: Member
Posts: 1
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I just filled out application 'Application To Join The 77y'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

What is your in-game Nickname? = Mr_Fork
Do you have steam? = Checked
What is your steamID URL? = ttp://
How old are you? = 18
What country do you live in currently? = Ireland
What is your timezone? = gmt
Can you attend our weekly training on Tuesday's? = Yes
What other days can you attend events? = Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Do you understand the following? = Yes
Do you have the game Mount & Blade Warband? = Yes
Do you have the DLC Napoleonic Wars? = Yes
Have you been a member of a Regiment before? = Checked
Please state which regiments you have been in = This one B
Are you still a member of one of the regiments listed above? = No
Why do you want to join the regiment? = cause its a funny XD and probably will cure my alcoholism, just kidding im just a heavy reader of books about psychology, it has the same affect lightheaded and then you have a hangover
Where/From who did you hear about the 77y? = sync told me to get back in dis bitch
Which Detachment would you be interested in playing as? = Skirmishers
Do you have teamspeak 3? = Yes
Do you have a microphone? = Yes
Do you Believe in Unicorns? = Yes
Syncmaster667 10th Feb 2018

Joined: 26th Nov 2017
Rank: Captain
Posts: 108
Likes 16

Due to already being a previous member no matter how long ago it was, you have been accepted back into the 77y as a cadet.
If you have any questions feel free to as CO's, NCO's and RS's for help, below you will find the details for our TS server, please poke one of the following people below for tags and permissions.
Also poke them with the link to this application as proof.
Finally please set your nickname to "77y_Cdt_*NAMEHERE*" both in-game and on Teamspeak, and in-game set your Banner to the one found on Page 3, near the top right. Red Background, GOLD double headed eagle

Available Regimental Secretaries who can help you:
Highlord: ... /id/77yTheHighLord/
Syncmaster: ... /id/Syncmaster667/
Joshyboyy: ... s/76561198287646586/

Best regards,
The Regimental Secretary Team

Last Edit: 10th Feb 2018 by Syncmaster667
Syncmaster667 11th Feb 2018

Joined: 26th Nov 2017
Rank: Captain
Posts: 108
Likes 16

Application Complete

Welcome to the 77y!

Please view the following link to access and view our Cadet Guide at any time.
The guide explains some things you will need to know about the Regiment & how
it works. For example: where to go for events
Click Me To View Cadet Guide

If you have any further questions, please contact an RS, NCO or CO
via Steam or Teamspeak

Best regards,
The Regimental Secretary Team

Forum » Office » Applications
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Welcome to the new regiment website!
Hello and welcome guys

From now on this will be our new home, feel free to start using the forums and discussing all sorts of topics.

Cant post on the website?
Make sure you have the "Member" rank on your profile, if not message an RS and give them your name on the website (should be the same as your TS one, excluding the ranks) and they sh all sort it out for you.

Joining the regiment?
Just simply make an account, then fill out our simple application form by clicking "Join The Regiment" in the menu below our banner.

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