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Wondering What To Do After Submitting Application?
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Syncmaster667 22nd Jan

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The list below will list what will happen next

1. Give us some time to check your application (might take a day or two).
2. Check for any replies as regular as you want, however we recommend every 4 hours.
3. One a reply has been recieved, you will need to follow the instructions within the reply.

What will the reply be about?

The reply will give you instructions on how to complete the next step, which we call the induction process. After the induction process has been complete (a normal inducton can take around 10-20 minutes), you will be accepted into the 77y as a full member at the rank of Cadet.

If you application hasnt recieved a reply within 2 days

Please contact one of the following RS's below via steam.
Joshyboyy - ... s/76561198287646586/
Zigs - ... m/id/SixerFix/

Last Edit: 25th Apr by TheHighLord
Forum » Office » Applications Locked
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Welcome to the new regiment website!
Hello and welcome guys

From now on this will be our new home, feel free to start using the forums and discussing all sorts of topics.

Cant post on the website?
Make sure you have the "Member" rank on your profile, if not message an RS and give them your name on the website (should be the same as your TS one, excluding the ranks) and they sh all sort it out for you.

Joining the regiment?
Just simply make an account, then fill out our simple application form by clicking "Join The Regiment" in the menu below our banner.

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