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77y Regiment Ranks

Ranks & Insignia

This is a list of all the ranks found within the 77y and their respected description and some responsibilities, excluding the title of Regimental Secretary. This is also in order of chain of command, starting with the lowest rank of Cadet all the way to the highest rank, Colonel


After an induction into the regiment, the member will be given the rank Cadet or Cdt. During their time as a Cadet, they will be listed under Line, however they are welcome to play with both Skirmishers or Artillery aswell. After 1-2 weeks as Cadet, they are then promoted into their chosen detachment at the Tuesday Training. You'll be asked which detachment you want to join when your promoted at the very end of training.


Skirmisher or Skirm, is both the first rank given to a new member of the Skirmisher detachment and a trial rank. People within this rank are encouraged to get to know the detachment and meet the CO/NCO team. Currently both Line & Artillery dont have a rank at the same level, their first ranks are listed below.

Private, Jaeger, Cannoneer, Guard

While Jaeger is the 2nd rank with the detachment, skill based upon the detachments specialty are usually similar across the board between the Skirms, Line rank of Private (Pvt), Artillery ranks of Cannoneer (CN) and Guard (Grd). These ranks also make up the bulk of each detachment.

Private First Class, Marksman, Gunner, Guard First Class

While being more skilled than either the Pvts, Jgrs, CNs or Grds, Members found within have both an extended understanding of the game and a more advanced skill level when it comes to regards relating to the detachments specialty (shooting, melee, ect).

From here on you can expect the best and most skilled players to advance from here.

Grenadier, Sharpshooter, Tea Guard, Bombardier

Grenadiers, skilled melee players found within the Line detachment. Not only do they support and play with the other members, they teach and show them how to do melee based upon their own experience too. They best display their spectacular melee within a group fighting situation without disappointed.

Sharpshooters, the best shooters & meleers located within the Skirmisher detachment. Representing the detachment at its best each day with precise shots and acrobatic melee.

Tea Guards are skilled meleers with the ability to defend the artillery pieces from threats such as line and cavalry charges.

Bombardiers are the pinnacle of artillery accuracy with the deadliest effect upon the battlefield.


Corporals are the backbone of the NCOs, leading the detachment day in and out without question, its here their ladder to higher leadership begins. They are also a link between the CO/NCOs and the enlisted, much like the Sergeant. Its among these members the one with both the most skill and potential will be given the rank of Sergeant.


The rank of Sergeant is the final NCO rank. Sergeants run the detachments along with the COs, of that there can be no doubt, showing they have Lt potential. A Sergeant is a proven leader and can lead with a moments notice. They are also a trusted advisor and counselor to all their Corporals and are incharge of the general detachment discipline.


After the promotion from the rank of Sergeant, comes the responsibility of Lieutenant. Your first step into the CO life. Managing the detachment along side the Captain and helping the NCOs are the main roles of the Lt.


He has proven himself not only an excellent NCO in the past, but also an effective CO with the skills to lead the detachment into further success. He has the last say to what happens within the detachment and where it goes, along with overseeing the progress and direction of the detachment


The Major is the 2nd in command of the whole regiment, with the responsibility of the administration & management of the regiment, with the overall goal of perfection in every aspect. He can move mountains, part the skies and place his boot where he wishes.


The Colonel has one job only: to Command the Regiment. He has the final word on all things, even above the Major. His responsibility is all encompassing and all consuming. In short, he signs the checks.



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