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Kruse aRS.Mrks. posted Apr 8, 17

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the first issue of Kebab News (Slightly ARMA-Oriented)

Please enjoy

Syncmaster667 aRS.Cpl. Well made my friend, i cannot wait for the next newspaper
Aztir aCol. Rip Punjab, i will never forget you and your fancy car

Drinking Event 11-03-2017

Kruse aRS.Mrks. posted Mar 10, 17

Oh god, I cant believe we are doing this again.

It is time fellas! We have not done it in some time, so the preparation-time is very limited.

You know the rules, otherwise we´ll take em when people show up!
We begin with Saturday Event, and we will make the normal event, the beginning of our drunken mayhem.

After event, we will see where things lead us.

Lets have fun lads!

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