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77y Monthly News

Kruse aRS.Mrks. posted Sep 21, 17

77y Monthly News

21st September 2017, the September news!

Wauw, has it been a long time since we had this?
But it is time. We are at the edge of crossing over to a new game, and what better way to cross over , than to bring back something from the other game?
Now, when I say we are at the edge, it does not mean that we shall jump off the cliff of Mount & Blade straight away, right into the depths of Holdfast. We will construct a ramp of feedback, and slowly test it in a calm conversion. It has been said many times, but mentioning it again will hopefully not harm anyone.

Drax Cpl. divådd
YanioZ Cpl. Divad + spooky <3
spooky Shrp. dvud

Drinking Event!

Kruse aRS.Mrks. posted Aug 29, 17

Get ready!
Drinking Event Time!

It will be this Saturday (2nd September 2017), after normal event! BE THERE!

Jarl_Tyke Pvt. So I have to decide to either work for 9 hours at the uni pub for free or skip that and play this with you guys?
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