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Melee Tournament 20th June 2016

The_HighLord aRS.Sgt. posted Jun 20, 17


Well done for the people who played in scarfaces first tournament in a long time, these will be happening every week after training (Most if not all) and prizes will given to the out to those who win them.

1st place Banjo

2nd place Henkka

3rd place Rikimaru


4th place Ziggy 

Thankyou to the admins who oversaw all the matches andwe hope to see lots of people next week.

TheQuickOne aLt.SD Rigged
Aztir aCol. yay! congrats everyone :d <3

Kebab News

Kruse aRS.Jgr. posted Apr 8, 17

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the first issue of Kebab News (Slightly ARMA-Oriented)

Please enjoy

PreußenÜberAlles Cdt. wait is this about me
Syncmaster667 aRS.Sgt. Well made my friend, i cannot wait for the next newspaper
Aztir aCol. Rip Punjab, i will never forget you and your fancy car
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