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September News 2015

The_HighLord aRS posted Thu at 15:41

Hello everyone, its time for the monthly news once again and seeing as Kruse is away for a little while it seems like im the one who is doing it this time.

So what could posibly go wrong...

Andy Murray I don't think this news is relevant.. i would like to hear about local news within the regiment aka Scottish news,Danish ...
Abekrampe a Good shit good shit, better than kruses (jk lyly xoxoxo)
Kruse aRS Read more, read more!!! You forgot the vital button that prevents front page from over flooding!! xD

August News 2015

Kruse aRS posted Sep 10, 15

Hello everybody, and welcome to this monthly news!

I have on purpose waited a bit with this post, because I wanted to have the spare time and the drive to make a FUCKING AWESOME post!
Aaaand possible gather something that could flame some folks.

For instance, I kindly requested the possibility to visit the 19te, because I wanted to understand what went through their heads. Apparently, I discovered that the only thing that goes through their minds, is frustrations and derps.
In other words, they are a lost cause.


GunnerV02 Bravo!!! Keep up the good work!
Syncmaster667 Love it ...
The_HighLord aRS Well it was only time....
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