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August News 2014

Kruse a posted Sep 6, 14
Hi Guys

Im sorry to say, but it looks like Monthly News is gonna undergo a change or two, so I have to cancel this monthly news :-(
Really sorry about it, but I hope to bring you a great September-News!

Feel free to share in the comment-field, any ideas for monthly news you have, or what you experienced as a great thing in August.

Kruse and the Monthly News-Team
77y_Pvt_NickLazanis Also Kruse when we see how litle and miserably you have changed the monthly news you will not be excused for taking you ...
77y_Pvt_NickLazanis What! We need monthly news i cant live without them they are love they are life!
Avior a NO MN?! Me sad panda ...

Stay tuned for more info!
More info at Training!
VS-Mason came last b league 11/10 mason5gran
Kruse a Scarface, you had access to the picture before it was posted, YOU COULD HAVE CORRECTED ME! XD And hi wahab - have you j ...
wahab_arts hi guys how can i play today in line battle ?

July News 2014

Kruse a posted Aug 9, 14

Merry July 77y!

Boy, what a great month this has been! Very nice for news-section, so much to post about :-D
Well, to start somewhere, I started my career in the 77y, after leaving cadet-school, with the Line. Back when glorious Jeljer was leading, and people were saying: "Gaz, who?"............... Dont call me out on this one! Well, after Line, when I gave up on all hope to achieve Grenadier, I decided to try out artillery, where I currently reside. This has resulted in the following opinion, being bashed into my head: "Skirmishers are worthless cunts, who just walk around like cute little ballerinas, having no sense of what they are doing!"

Avior a +1 as always!
Syncmaster667 Nice work Kruse, i liked reading the interviews, very good! Cant wait to read the next one ...
Ragn4r Nice work bruder
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