Website is back!

Aztir aCol. posted Nov 23, 17

after alot of fucking about with the whole website change and holdfast and all that

we are just jumping back to this one for a little while while we get all that new stuff rolling

so have fun again :D

Kruse aRS. Yaaaaaaay
77y_Grd_boykoyo Grd.tag holdfast is already dead and i can't play until i got my new pc. #donateboykoyofornewpc
Rikrekt Gren.SD Keep this website, can't let all the old memes die :C

77y Monthly News

Kruse aRS. posted Sep 21, 17

77y Monthly News

21st September 2017, the September news!

Wauw, has it been a long time since we had this?
But it is time. We are at the edge of crossing over to a new game, and what better way to cross over , than to bring back something from the other game?
Now, when I say we are at the edge, it does not mean that we shall jump off the cliff of Mount & Blade straight away, right into the depths of Holdfast. We will construct a ramp of feedback, and slowly test it in a calm conversion. It has been said many times, but mentioning it again will hopefully not harm anyone.

Drax Cpl. divådd
YanioZ Cpl. Divad + spooky <3
spooky CN. dvud
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