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May News 2015

[RS] Kruse aRS posted Jun 6, 15

Hi everybody!

Sorry for another shortened down News-article!
This time, I did not prepare my shit properly at all!
And since I am on my way out the door for vacation, that hit too. I guess I owe you all big time for this.



Hi everybody

Its time, wether we are ready or not, to launch the event that will mean the beginning of the Leaderboard for the best shots in our regiment!

We will have the event on Thursday, 4th of June, after our regular events!

A channel will be made at the bottom of the Teamspeak, so come for good fun!

Oh yeah, and there will be prices as well!
(Yes, it is games from HumbleBundle) - 3 prizes so far.

Cya there for good fun!

[RS] Kruse aRS Happening Tonight!!!

April News 2015

[RS] Kruse aRS posted May 13, 15

April News

Hi everybody!
And sorry for the long wait.
I admit being very slow with this section :-( I worked on too much different stuff.
I deeply apologize for what will probably be the worst job I have ever done with monthly news :-(
All I can say: Send me a message with a section you would like to add, and become a journalist for the monthly-news team! We can use some new blood :-)


Abekrampe a In riki's words fucking mint mate.
avi0r a Nice to have you back Kruse! Always good to have some new news!
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