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July News 2014

Kruse a posted Aug 9, 14

Merry July 77y!

Boy, what a great month this has been! Very nice for news-section, so much to post about :-D
Well, to start somewhere, I started my career in the 77y, after leaving cadet-school, with the Line. Back when glorious Jeljer was leading, and people were saying: "Gaz, who?"............... Dont call me out on this one! Well, after Line, when I gave up on all hope to achieve Grenadier, I decided to try out artillery, where I currently reside. This has resulted in the following opinion, being bashed into my head: "Skirmishers are worthless cunts, who just walk around like cute little ballerinas, having no sense of what they are doing!"

Avior a +1 as always!
Syncmaster667 Nice work Kruse, i liked reading the interviews, very good! Cant wait to read the next one ...
Ragn4r Nice work bruder

June News 2014

Kruse a posted Jul 2, 14

And when I start the monthly news this way, it is a horrible way to hide the fact that I failed fucking horribly this month D-:

I went off on vaycation, and while I was gone, a lot of people left. Among all, the lovely Grenadier JHS, decided to file in his application to leave. Sooo. Whoever reads this, please help show JHS that he is loved, and that we do not wish to miss him, because we want him to stay. Then I figured, I do not have so much time this month, so if I wanted to bring any good interviews, I had to get our own Unicorn-Lord, Aztir! But damn, that boy is so popular, he is pretty much impossible to catch and keep for an interview…. So I guess I owe you all a proper interview this month. But I do not come completely empty handed! Because I caught 2 guys from outside the regiment.
For their own sake, I will not bring up their names, but only share what they said about us :-D
I wasn’t here for the tournament, much sadness, but we do still have something from the event, but lets get on with the proper news!

bobertini a All nicely fixed for you Kruse ...
Kruse a The layout.... Im being fucking trolled by our webpage.... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Avior a Great work, as always!
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