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77y Nations Cup

The_HighLord aRStag posted Feb 4, 16

Bever and I are going to be organising a mini tournament thing so check it out in the

Click Here

ALSO LINE BEAT THE 15th_YR!!!!! 7-3 WTF !!!!!!!!

Bever 1v1s are much more important than GF matches for me. Winning a 1v1 needs leading/a good officer, shooting and melee whil...
Buda tagtag And then Line lost to 92nd in melee 18:2. Fucking amazing...

I found this.

Aztir a posted Jan 26, 16

One of the biggest trainings we had, where our serverbox crashed and we had to use a standard map on a different server.

Hyperikon Wow are all of them partizani cadets?
Abekrampe atag This is also the day were templar almost got grenadier #NeverForget2k13 Kappa OpieOP
Jarl_Tyke What is so new with our server crashing xD
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