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Kruse aRS.Jgr. posted Sep 10, 16

Hello Everyone

This is probably not news, since most of you have seen it now.

Drinking Event in 1 hour

Kruse aRS.Jgr. posted Jul 22, 16

Hello Everyone

Not long till the Drinking Event commences, so I just wanted to share my ready-ness with all of you!

I am (almost) looking forward to this event once more...

Dear god, what am I saying....

I´m gonna die...

Event will be Livestreamed at https://www.twitch.tv/lekruse

By the way, if anyone wants to, then I think I need something added to my avatar, or a new one.
Can someone make me a new avatar that involves alcohol/bottles?

CONSWEBER Mrks. show us whats left
Bever Pfc. I can do this lel.
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