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TeamSpeak Hacked/DDOS

Kruse aRS.Cdt. posted Aug 12, 17

Hi Everyone

Just quick info to let you know.

Teamspeak is currently down, it was taken down by russian hackers, who posted "a new teamspeak" for us to join, thinking we would believe that we were changing Teamspeak.

Dont go there, it is most likely an attempt to get our IP´s, so they can get more possible targets to hack.

chiefcenturion Gfc. Thanks for letting me know just in time.
Jarl_Tyke Pvt. I blame Andrei

Melee Tournament 20th June 2016

The_HighLord aRS.Sgt. posted Jun 20, 17

Well done for the people who played in scarfaces first tournament in a long time, these will be happening every week after training (Most if not all) and prizes will given to the out to those who win them.

1st place Banjo

2nd place Henkka

3rd place Rikimaru


4th place Ziggy 

Thankyou to the admins who oversaw all the matches andwe hope to see lots of people next week.

Huntard Jgr. line is getting so soft that a lone skirm is able to knock them out of the tournament ... and we dont even train mele th...
TheQuickOne aLt.SD Rigged
Aztir aCol. yay! congrats everyone :d <3
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