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April News 2015

Kruse a posted May 13, 15

April News

Hi everybody!
And sorry for the long wait.
I admit being very slow with this section :-( I worked on too much different stuff.
I deeply apologize for what will probably be the worst job I have ever done with monthly news :-(
All I can say: Send me a message with a section you would like to add, and become a journalist for the monthly-news team! We can use some new blood :-)


Abekrampe a In riki's words fucking mint mate.
avi0r a Nice to have you back Kruse! Always good to have some new news!

February AND March News

Kruse a posted Apr 2, 15

Hello everybody!

Now, who actually believed that monthly news would die?

Some may have been sad when they saw it, others may be happy. But none the less, MONTHLY NEWS WILL PREVAIL! So, now that we are back, shall we get to it?



GunnerV02 Also, I think Kruse looks at too many childish unicorn shows (Not being rude to the unicorns and its lord, Aztir).
Fralla8 GunnerV02, the 91st did disband yes. Tavington moved over to Persistent World and became the leader of a clan there, the ...
GunnerV02 I thought that the 91st was partially disbanded under Tavington, how come they emerged high?

March News 2015

Kruse a posted Apr 1, 15

Hello Everybody

It is time for the monthly news to bring a statement, due to the lack of posts from the News Team.

We are sorry to inform, that due to lack of support from our viewers, and others within the News Team, mainly those with some NCO/CO-ranks, that refuse to aid the News Team once a month, we must regrettably inform you all, that Monthly News will from now on, be discontinued.

In other words: If you wish to know what happened in the month that passed, you now have to live through it yourself :-(

Have fun, and may the melee be strong in all of you!

avi0r a Why? Please explain :(
Fralla8 GG GAIS
Stark Blame bob
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