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Kruse aRS posted Wed at 19:47

Hello Everybody

It is time to get hammered!
Why the hell havent Gaz come up with this first?

Gaz, you are one lazy scotsman!

Well, GovernerPancake wanna host a super awesome event!
The rules are simple!

1: It will be exactly like Groupfighting, except that you HAVE to be on Teamspeak with us.

2: Every time u die, you drink!

3: Every time you kill someone, you drink!

4: If nobody on your team dies, the enemy team all have to drink extra...

5: More rules may occur to increase drunkitude.

Time of the event: Friday 11th December 2015 - after event  tongue-out

Show up for good fun, and wierd shouts!

TheRealCastaway What if we don't drink, can we still join TeamSpeak?
The_HighLord aRStag Will make an award. Best drunk, must have had more than 10 shots and everyone believes him to be gone.
The_HighLord aRStag I see 1 flaw with this. you wount want to kill people because you will have to drink. so both teams will just sit there ...
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