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The_HighLord aRStag posted May 10, 16

Hello Everyone. Seeing as the website has some spare moduels that we can use

I have been wondering what to do with them and have decided that seeing as some

of you may have some ideas with what we could do with the website that people could 

post their ideas down in the comments section below and we can see what we can do,

be it a new page on the website or adding things to currently exsisting pages.

Looking forward to seeing your ideas, try keep them reasonable.

chiefcenturion The calendar was old and out of date, plus we dont have fixed events much.
77y_cdt_boykoyo where is the calendar i don't know when is when my brain is fucked upp nooooo
Jarl_Tyke 77ytube spot

Its a sign!

Aztir a posted Apr 24, 16

We are all doomed!

chiefcenturion yea Dabomb, he was on Napoleonic_Role_play server, i asked who he was but he ignored me.
GunnerV02 Does the 77y have a major? I recently encountered a person in the BBG server with the tags of Major and 77y and his name...
Templar tagtag yeah aztirr we need to give him sum
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