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Drinking Event in 1 hour

Kruse aRS.Jgr. posted Jul 22, 16

Hello Everyone

Not long till the Drinking Event commences, so I just wanted to share my ready-ness with all of you!

I am (almost) looking forward to this event once more...

Dear god, what am I saying....

I´m gonna die...

Event will be Livestreamed at https://www.twitch.tv/lekruse

By the way, if anyone wants to, then I think I need something added to my avatar, or a new one.
Can someone make me a new avatar that involves alcohol/bottles?

CONSWEBER Mrks. show us whats left
Bever Pfc. I can do this lel.

Drinking Event 22nd July 2016

Kruse aRS.Jgr. posted Jul 19, 16

Oh boy. I can not believe we are doing this again. But people have been asking, and it is summer, so of course what else than a great time for drinking and gaming?

It is quite easy.
We meet on Teamspeak in the event-channel.

We meet Friday the 22nd July, at 20:30 o clock, or 8:30 p.m. if thats what you like, London Time.

To those who do not know when that is: It is 1 hour and 30 minutes after normal event begins. 30 Minutes after it ends.

Rules: Have a fuckin good time!

We are playing mount and blade, whatever mod we feel like.

Whenever we get a kill, the guy who dies, drinks.
If you die, you drink. If you teamkill someone, you drink. The guy who got teamkilled, drinks (sucks ass, but hey, dont die)!

If you get fisted/killed from someone who did not use a weapon, you either chug your drink or take 3x your normal swigs.

If we play teams, and an entire team dies without killing anyone from the opposite team, you either chug your drink or take 3x your normal swigs, (like death to no weapons.)

We do not care what you drink - you decide, although the more alcoholic the beverage is, the more fun it tends to get.

If you have questions, suggestions or whatever, reply to this post.

And to those who did not try it last time: It was frickin funny! Just watch:

And if you still dont understand rules, here they are, simplified:

See ya then for good fun!

Mister Soda Jgr. I have a feeling that this is gonna go really wrong, really fast....
Jarl_Tyke Pfc. The rules will be very unclear when we play anyway Kruse
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